Textile Tuesday: Polyester

Polyester is well known for it’s groovy fashions starting in the 1950s and going strong through the 1970s. It’s a strong fiber and makes for a fabric that is quite resistant to wrinkles and creasing. There are great polyester blends out there as well, like cotton polyester blends that give you the best of both worlds: softness and breath-ability with the wrinkle resistance and added life of polyester built in.

You can find polyester not only in fabric but also in fiber-fill and sewing thread. Polyester thread has exceptional strength, wears well, and is used in home and manufactured sewing.     

Polyester Characteristics:

  • Manufactured or Man-made fiber
  • Made of: coal, air, water, and petroleum products
  • Known for it’s strength and durability
  • Comes is many forms: fabric, poly-fil, thread

Get your polyester on today!

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