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The Polkadot Magpie

Love the jewelry and decor from The Polkadot Magpie. Triangles, birds, skulls… quite the collection of themes!

Jewelry On Display

We love this idea for how to turn your jewelry collection into framed works of art!

Link Love


Scrap Jewelry

These handmade bracelets and necklaces from the Antoinette Collection by M.O.M are like wearing a piece of art

Leather Bow Tie Cuff


Can’t usually say no to leather, and this is no exception. Learn to make your own leather cuff bracelet here.

Cute as a Button

Easy to make fabric button earrings brought to by A Bit Of Sunshine

Organize Your Jewels


Unconventionally beautiful ways to store your jewelry

Greene & Sunset: SEW Moni Sister Company!

So much is happening at SEW Moni and one thing that we are most excited is our newest creative expansion into jewelry via our Sister Company, Greene & Sunset.

We’re still designing away for both at full speed but we just had to give you a sneak peek of what we are up to lately.

And if you are in Brooklyn please stop by the Brooklyn Lyceum Craft Fair this weekend, and you’ll be able to purchase ALL items.

Hello Spring! We love you.

XO Moni